AROMOR Flavors and Fragrances is Kibbutz
Givat-Oz`s highly advanced chemical plant specializing in the manufacture of the most sophisticated aroma chemicals for the food, cosmetics and perfume industries.

Our wide range of products includes natural, nature identical & synthetic raw materials for the flavors and fragrances industry.

Aromor's production plant is geared exclusively to sophisticated and discerning export markets in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. Our strict Quality Control -ensures first class
products, that meets the most demanding international standards.
AROMOR is an "ISO 9002" certified company.

AROMOR benefits from several unique production, research and marketing advantages:
Aromor's philosophy is based on concentrating on the most sophisticated molecules with the goal of providing our customers with highest purity products such as Nootkatone, Ambermor, Aquamor, alpha-Damascone, beta-Damascone and Damascone.
Aromor's comparative advantage and reputation has been achieved through the consistent, superb quality of its products and oriented customer's service.
Aromor's R&D capabilities and technological edges are the trademarks responsible for our excellent wordwide reputation.
Aromor's commitment in terms of responsiveness and unique chemical capabilities combined with our reputation, created several important joint ventures in production and joint R&D with some of leading companies within the F&F industry.
Aromor's responsibility to the highest quality is reflected by our strict quality control, which is certified by "ISO 9001 / 2000".
AROMOR is also able to take full advantage of the special trade agreements that Israel has secured with the EEC and the United States.
Aromor owns crystallization and drying equipment capable of producing up to 50 mt/year of solid products.
In general, we are capable of conducting a  wide range of reactions to organic chemistry and we specialize in allylic oxidations, oxidative degradations, allylic chlorination and bromination, eliminations, dehydrohalogenations, esterifications, transesterifications, metal catalysis (homogeneous and hetrogeneous), phase transfer catalysis in general and combined with metal catalysis, etherifications, diene and macrocyclic synthesis, Darzens condensation, Reformatsky reaction and acid catalyzer cyclizations among others .

Aromor is a world leading producer of:
Nootkatone (natural and nature identical), the most important grapefruit flavor ingredient.
Aromor is the world major producer of this important aroma chemical in the purest (99%) crystalline form.
Ambermor, the most sophisticated amber fixative, identical to the natural product originated from whale's secretion.
Aquamor (watermelon ketone), the most finest marine aroma imparting component for the most sophisticated perfumes.
Dihydrojasmone, one of the most valuable jasmine notes available to perfumers.
Dihydronootkatone, a unique floral citrusy aroma for perfumes.
Gamma Lactones (nona, deca, undeca and dodecalactone), traditional and well known raw          materials for flavors and fragrances.
Cis Hexenyl esters (Acetate, Salicylate) for green perfumes and flavors.
Alpha - Damascone.
Beta - Damascone.
Damascenone (pure).
Orange Carbonyls, the "heart" of the natural orange aroma.

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