To supply our customers with the most      sophisticated quality products.
To be innovative in our chemical processes      research and development, improve quality      and manufacturing efficiency, and minimize      waste by developing environmentally friendly      technologies.
To improve and maintain our excellent      relationship with customers.
To further exploit the ability and flexibility of      being a small company, to provide the best      service.
To focus our efforts in developing unique      products while working in a close partnership      with our customers to meet their most strict      requirements.

We work and support our Marketing Department on one hand ,and in close contact with renowned scientists and universities.
This synergy enables us to exploit new ideas and innovative chemical processes.
More than 10 researchers work in our laboratories, developing new processes for know products. More than 10% of our annual budget is invested in research and development.

Aromor is continually working to improve and optimize its production methods. This means an in-depth, custom-made study that includes, step by step analysis of the practicality, safety and environmental impact of the entire process.
This allowed us to develop new , sophisticated and eco-friendly processes for our most important products: NOOTKATONES, AMBERMOR AND DAMASCONES.

Aromor became a worldwide leading producer of both exotic raw materials...

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